Saturday, April 16, 2011

I SMILE.......

I smile…
I smile because I am happy,
I smile because I am free,
I smile because I finally know what it is like to know me.
But I laugh…
I laugh because it’s funny,
I laugh just for me,
I laugh just to see you smile back at me.
And I cry…
I cry for times not forgotten,
I cry to release the pain inside,
I cry to lift my sorrows up to the heavens in the night sky.
So I write…
I write to release the memories,
I write in search of me.
I write and give it as a gift for the whole world to see.
So smile with me when I am happy,
Laugh with me just for fun,
And cry with me until you see the sun.
But cherish my words forever,
Until this life is done.

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